Study Program Biomechanical Engineering

31 May 2022: application start for the winter semester 22/23


  • development of medical-technical products of exoprosthetics and endoprosthetics (application on and in humans)
  • application of principles and fundamentals of engineering to the development of medical devices and assistance systems



  • unique combination and diversity of disciplines such as mechanical engineering, medicine, biology and kinesiology
  • holistic view of biomedical-technical relations and principles
  • well-founded basic knowledge
  • optimal conditions due to university with technical focus and university hospital
  • excellent career prospects due to the growing demand for high-performance, reliable, practical and sustainable medical products


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The short answer:

Improving the quality of human life by taking advantage of the unique interactions between engineering, technology, science and medicine!

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  • Duration: 4 semesters
  • Specializations:
    • Exoprosthetics
    • Endoprosthetics
  • Final degree: Master of  Science (M. Sc.)
  • Enrollment: Winter semester
  • Teaching language: English
  • Place of study Campus Universitaetsplatz + Medical Faculty Campus
  • Entry requirements:
    • Relevant Bachelor's degree (at least 180 CP)
    • Average bachelor degree 2.5
    • English C1 level
  • Application Deadline:

    Application with German Bachelor degree: September 15th
    Application with international Bachelor degree: July 15th


Further information on the study program

  • What bachelor's degree do I need?
  • Am I suitable for the study program?
  • What do the specifications endoprosthtetics and exoprosthetics focus on?
  • You can find answers to these questions and more here…
  • Technical and medical campus within one university for perfect study conditions
  • Being actively involved in future topics of modern technology and medical development
  • Excellent urban study conditions in Magdeburg

Modern exoskeletons require the complex interaction of various disciplines

Exoprostheses in everyday life and in competitive sports must be optimally designed for mechanical loads

Cochlear implants to improve quality of life for the deaf

Materials for bone screws and surgical instruments must meet the highest requirements

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